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What are Al Losada's SOS Trade Alerts?

SOS Trade Alerts are instant trade notifications sent directly to a phone or computer that announce high probability options and futures trades for those who are seeking to generate consistent income and more dependable returns from their trades.

Whether you’re just getting started or already successful and ready to expand your strategies, SOS Trade Alerts will help you trade at your highest level. It’s designed to transform your trading from uncertain to predictable and teach you how to generate consistent returns from options and futures trading.

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When Can I Join?
How Much does it Cost?



Even if you're lucky enough to make a positive return on trading options or futures, or have been able to quit your job and trade full time (very lucky)... receiving SOS Trade Alerts Can:



Our high probability trades are easy to follow and execute. But the real magic is when you are able to fully understand these trades strategies for yourself, turning you into a much more confident, independent and overall better trader.



Even if you have a system in place that works for you and provides returns, learning never ends. Our trade alerts expose you to new trade ideas and strategies. You're in control.



Our goal is to provide guidance through our trade alerts. You will be trading right along side of us with our pre-researched high probability trades that are profitable over 80% of the time.



Our SOS Traders Chat is reserved specifically for other SOS Trade Alert Members. Bounce ideas off each other, ask questions, or provide support to others in a cohesive, informal and supportive environment. Our members love being able to trade with others as opposed to making decisions alone. 



Don't have time to run pre-market opening research? Good news, we do the work for ourselves and we share that research with you. You can be confident that we did our homework before entering or exiting a trade. We trade with proven trade plans and consistently follow a rules-based approach to trading.

How does SOS Trade Alerts Work?

SOS Trade Alert notifications are sent to you as soon as we enter or exit a trade in an easy-to-understand format. 

All notifications are done via the Telegram App, in private, member-only channels. SOS Trade Alert Members are usually subscribed to several Alert channels including SOS Traders Chat, where you can interact with other members if you choose. 

The Telegram app can be set up on your computer, phone and/or tablet. Notifications can be customized how you like them.

We also share technical analysis and how we use it in our trades, offering you the ability to learn and not just simply follow our trade alerts. Al or other traders will answer questions or offer strategic insight to ensure that members understand why we are making the trades that we are making.

For more information on the different Trade Alert notifications, click the button below.

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Are SOS Trade Alerts Right for Me?

If you want to trade on fully researched, high-probability trade notifications, win more trades, make more money, and confidently enter and exit option trade positions, SOS Trade Alerts are for you.

We have noticed that our best members usually fall into these three categories:

Basic Concept Beginner

Do you understand calls, puts, expiration, futures contracts and the factors that effect option and futures pricing? Whether you have already tried trading on paper or with your own account,  SOS Trade Alerts will be easy to understand and follow. These Trade alerts are tested strategies that will help grow consistency in your trading, making sure you start off the right way.

Established Options/Futures Trader

You have been trading options or futures for several months or years and occasionally take profits. You know that generating consistent income from trading is not a myth. SOS Trade Alerts will expose you to time-tested options trades that are built around research,  discipline, and removing emotions, helping you enter more profitable trades more often and reducing chances of losing trades.

Successful Options/Futures Trader

Already successfully generating Income from options or futures? Looking for new ideas or trade strategies? SOS Trade Alerts will surround you with a group of like-minded traders, and help you maintain your proficiency.  Learning never stops and SOS Trade Alerts will help keep you sharp and current.

What are others Saying about SOS Trade Alerts?

Dwight D

"I have been trading on/off for 25+ years and this 0 DTE strategy is the most consistent income earner  with the highest probability that I have ever implemented. I've been in this group since inception and don't plan on leaving. Honestly there is too much value here. I believe we have all grown, learned, developed as traders here. I'm much more consistent and successful now than I was before."

Matt Lennarz

"Al’s Options Trading platform has been the foundation for my Iron Condor trading. The insight his service provides has both earned me double digit returns and saved me from making poor trades... both critical to options trading success!"

Winford Jackson

"I just want to thank Al for another profitable week. Another $2850.00 for the week. $4120.00 before that week over 3k the week before that. This service is unbelievable. The calls are on point and profitable."

Paige Alyce

"I made $800 today from your call out. Thank you!! I love these alerts even though I am still learning and sometimes don't understand everything.. I know I will get there."

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 3 decades of trading (including stocks, options, futures, and currency), earning hundreds of thousands of dollars (helping over 500 enrolled students with their options trading along the way) and funneled it into easy-to-follow trade alerts that not only give you possible high probability trades ahead of time, but my actual exact trade executions at the right time, and train you how do the same.

Not only will you receive my highly researched trades (saving you tons of time) but you will get the "why" and understand the reason behind each trade strategy. Our members love these alerts because they are not just getting a series of trade alerts, they are transforming themselves over time into much better and skilled options and futures traders.

The End Result:  You will become a better trader able to generate consistent income from options and futures

Our Trade Alerts

Zero Day Expiration Alert

Typical Trade Duration: Day Trade

Index: SPX

Attention Requirement: All Day Monitoring

Overnight Risk? No

Minimum Capital Requirement: $500

Suggested Capital Requirement: $3000

Days Traded: Mon, Wed, Fri

Trade Alert Frequency: 1-2 Trades per Day

7 Day Expiration Alert

Typical Trade Duration: 3 - 4 Days

Index: SPX

Attention Requirement: 3 - 4 Checks per Week

Overnight Risk? Yes

Minimum Capital Requirement: $500

Suggested Capital Requirement: $3000

Days Traded: Mon - Fri

Trade Alert Frequency: 3 - 4  Trades per Week

Monthly Expiration Alert

Typical Trade Duration:15 to 30 Days

Index: SPX

Attention Requirement: 1 - 2 Checks per week

Overnight Risk? Yes

Minimum Capital Requirement: $500

Suggested Capital Requirement: $3000

Days Traded: Mon-Fri

Trade Alert Frequency:  Once Every 2 Weeks

Spec Alert

Typical Trade DurationVaries

Index: Multiple Indexes, Stocks, or ETF's

Attention Requirement: 3 - 4  Checks per Week

Overnight Risk? Yes

Minimum Capital Requirement: $500

Suggested Capital Requirement: $3000

Days Traded: Mon - Fri

Trade Alert Frequency: 3 - 4 Trades per Week

Futures Alert

Typical Trade Duration: Can Vary from 5 min to Several Days

Furtures: ES, NQ, MES, MNQ

Attention Requirement: 1 - 2 Hours per Day

Overnight Risk? Rare

Minimum Capital Requirement: $1500

Suggested Capital Requirement: $5000

Days Traded: Sun-Fri

Trade Alert Frequency: 2 -3 Trades Per Day

Subscriber Trade Alerts

These are unofficial Trade Alert Channels that are popular with SOS Trade Alert Members.

These Alerts are by SOS Members that are recognized to have exceptional trade strategies.

Subscriber Trade alerts are a bonus we provide to you and are included in all subscriptions.


Traders Chat Rooms

Our Chat Rooms and trader channels are always active with traders from all over the world with trade ideas and actual trades that our members are trading.

It also includes live play by play of market price action and chart analysis that gives you the confidence to trade what our professional traders are trading.


Our 125% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our trade alerts, that if you don't make a profit in the first 30 days of receiving your first alert, we'll refund you 125% of your full purchase price. Yes, you read that correctly, we will pay you if you don't make a profit.

All you have to do is show us that you followed the alert within the same or at a better price fill price of the alert and exited your trade within or at a better fill price than that of the alert.

If you lost money and request a refund before the 30th day after receiving your first trade alert, we'll refund you 125%.

See our full terms by clicking here

Our Subscriptions

"Swing Trader"


Minimum Screen Time

  • Monthly Expiration Alert
  • Subscriber Trade Alerts
  • 0 DTE Alert
  • 7 DTE Alert
  • Spec Alert
  • Futures Alert
  • Traders Chat
  • 125% Money Back Guarantee
  • Waitlist Price: $39/Mo
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"Day Trader"


Most Popular

  • Monthly Expiration Alert
  • Subscriber Trade Alerts
  • 0 DTE Alert
  • 7 DTE Alert
  • Spec Alert
  • Futures Alert
  • Traders Chat
  • 125% Money Back Guarantee
  • Waitlist Price: $79/Mo
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"Full time Trader"


Includes Spec & Futures

  • Monthly Expiration Alert
  • Subscriber Trade Alerts
  • 0 DTE Alert
  • 7 DTE Alert
  • Spec Alert
  • Futures Alert
  • Traders Chat
  • 125% Money Back Guarantee
  • Waitlist Price: $119/Mo
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When Does SOS Trade Alerts Open?


SOS Trade Alerts only accepts up to 100 new members 4 times per year. But it's worth the wait!

We are going to open up again soon. Once you're in, you can upgrade or downgrade your alerts plan at anytime.

We only accept a maximum of 100 members per launch.

Waitlist members not only receive early access to  SOS Trade Alerts, but also a discount every month for life.